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How will the winery's online store know I have Cellar Share?

Telepathy (just kidding). Make sure you log in using your email and password before you checkout. That's how we know. Please use the same email address for your accounts for all partner wineries as well.

How do I use my Cellar Share on online stores at partner wineries?

Good question. During checkout, under the Shipping Options section, please click the Login To Cellar Share button. Enter the membership number emailed to you when you signed up and then the store will apply your Cellar Share shipping benefits.

How do I use my Cellar Share in Tasting Rooms with partner wineries?

Good news! Unlike other memberships out there, Cellar Share is not limited to online purchases only — you may also use your shipping membership in our Tasting Rooms whenever you come to visit. Just tell your associate you are a member of Cellar Share and be ready to provide your membership number.

What is this membership number you keep talking about?

You received an email confirmation when you signed up for Cellar Share that includes your membership number. This is the number you will need to provide partner wineries.

I forgot my membership number!

Don't worry about it. It happens to the best of us. You can find the membership number by logging into your account with the winery you joined from or by contacting us.

The online store isn't applying my Cellar Share shipping prices!

First, make sure your Cellar Share is active and is not expired. If it is, you'll need to rejoin.

Next, make sure you have the minimum two bottles of wine in your order and are shipping to a single address. Then make sure you select Standard and No-Rush options nationwide, One-Day in California and Two-Day in Alaska and Hawaii as your shipping option.

If it's still giving you grief, please contact us and we'll make everything better.


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