2019 Reserve Malbec Trio

2019 Reserve Malbec Trio

The inaugural release of our 2019 Reserve Malbec from Stagecoach Vineyard is a wine that demands attention. It is bold yet graceful, powerful yet nuanced—a symphony of flavors that showcases the unique attributes of this extraordinary terroir. With every sip, it reveals a new facet, inviting you to immerse yourself in its intricacies and savor the artistry that went into its creation.

The first thing you notice is a deep, velvety purple hue, hinting at the wine's opulence and concentration. As you bring the glass to your nose, aromas of blackberries and ripe dark plums enchant your senses, accompanied by delicate hints of violet and warm spices. Swirl the wine gently, and you'll detect nuances of dark chocolate, espresso, and a whisper of toasted oak, adding layers of intrigue.

On the palate, the wine unfolds like a tapestry of flavors. Luscious dark fruits dominate, with black cherries and blackberries dancing harmoniously. The velvety tannins, refined and supple, provide an elegant structure that carries the fruit to a long, satisfying finish. Undertones of vanilla and a touch of tobacco contribute to the wine's complexity, lending it an air of sophistication and depth.

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